A LaTeX mod to draw coffee cup rings on your technical papers


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/04/30/hanno-rein.html


I don’t need that as I am good at doing it the old fashioned way.



As inspired by:


my rings are typically purple


Never got this little tradition of stamping academic/professional documents with coffee rings. I mean, yeah, it is edgy and clever to ruin your diploma with a coffee ring, but it isn’t really “smart”.


using your diploma as a coaster is the first practical thing you can accomplish out of graduate school.


Yeah? Try getting coffee stains on your PDF document. Printing it out not allowed.


Pretty sure it says “fatuous nerdgasm” in Heptapod.


So does it automatically choose a typographically appropriate place to put the stain? I wouldn’t rate it a full-featured TeX plugin until it does. not having to set things like that manually is the whole point.


Came to comments looking for this.

Happy to find it.

Sad that is has been rattling around in my head for near 22 years.


I thought the point was to place the stain so it strategically covers the most embarrassing part of the document. You’d need a pretty good AI do do that automatically.


Where was this 30 years ago?


It’s been brewing for a while.


The genius isn’t in coming up with the logo; it’s in coming up with the bullshit that sells it on the customer.


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