Coffee lids: new book on the elegant design of a modern scourge

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Ah, We all know the real history had something more to it…

Link to entire week of coffee cup lid comics- (Yes, there’s more)


Are there still folks out there shocked that there was ever such a thing as styrofoam burger boxes? The demise of those was much celebrated, as I recall.

I was rather saddened to learn that despite being prominently emblazoned with the “recyclable” symbol, #6 polystyrene lids are not actually recyclable in my area.


I like the bubble tea places, they use a sheet of plastic that is thermally set onto the cup instead of a discreet lid. seems like less waste and the lid and cup end up being one piece.

Sure, won’t work for hot coffee, but I like the idea that there are different ways to deal with the basic problem of serving up drinks.

Maybe hot coffee should go into a Tetra Pak at the shop. But then you have a bunch of Tetra Paks, which are notorious for being poorly recycled.

God, I hate those things. All of them.

Thanks for the link!
I especially like this one:


Yay! Dave Kellett!


I don’t buy a lot of take-out coffee, but when I do I always like to look at the different designs of the lids. My wife keeps finding my stash and hauling them off with the other recyclables though.

Here’s another preview link:

Regarding the hypochondriac who invented a “band-aid” to cover the area where the mouth meets the lid…because of the well-known scourge of disease spread by single-use lids? /s

Besides, coffee if a well known if mild immune system booster. What better time to give those T-cells some target practice?

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