Improvised espresso portafilter handle

The handle on Superstaar’s portafilter cracked, and he couldn’t get a replacement: “Luckily, my son keeps a good collection of sticks. Sawed one off, drilled a hole, stuck in the portacafe, fixed the crack with tiewraps, et voila. Works better than the original, and is insanely stylish.” READ THE REST

A collection of sticks? I don’t see them going up in value, but whatever floats your raft I guess.

L-look at that twig



hee hee, i love stuff like this. here’s a project of mine, though more polished. this is what became of the hammer handle i refused to throw out when it broke. “that’s good hickory! i’ll figure something out.” fit perfectly. the bottom, however is a heavily worked scrap of molding, which is kinda cheating, but nothing else fit.

As a barista, I’d say this looks absolutely terrifying to use, what with that little nubbin sticking out the side - get caught in a coffee rush and BAM! punctured hand.,.sure it probably wouldn’t bleed, but it’d bloody hurt!

In a few years, people will be 3D printing replacement handles for their cooking implements that are purposefully shaped like recycled tool components, for it will be “très chic”. Not long after that, manufacturers will begin selling cooking implements with such handles as part of the intended design.

Then, when those handles break we will replace them with exacting 3D printed copies of the fake recycled tool components. Over time, however, people will start deviating from the new norm by 3D printing their own practical and utilitarian replacement handles that are actually just modern day handle designs.

We shall skeuomorphize and then de-skeuomorphize over and over in an endless cycle of Consumerism following Makerism, and vice versa!


I can’t help it, I have to speak up on this, since its a peeve of mine: trim those zip ties! Or better yet use some Titebond wood glue instead of them.

and melt the ends with a lighter or a match, they’re stabby!

Ooh that’s a good idea!

go slow. don’t get the flame too close to the tensioner or it’ll ruin it and you have to start over. but it becomes second nature once you’ve done it a few times.

Wait a minute…I just want to recap:

  1. Portafilter Handle Cracked.
  2. Made NEW Portafilter Handle from Treebranch.
  3. Crack Appeared in Treebranch Handle.
  4. Used Zipties to repair Crack.

Perhaps the original Portafilter Handle Crack wasn’t repairable via zip tie…

Stylish - I do not think that word means what you think it does…

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