Espresso cups that spark joy


Gah, I’m so angry at my stupid, plain bialetti right now. stupid


I did look at those, to go with my Bialetti; but opted for these instead. Cute, huh?

I like that the steel handles pop off for easy cleaning; glass in the dishwasher and handles rinsed in the sink.

Nice colors! Reminded me of those, which are nice too.*

Disclaimer: I was the product photographer for the nice people who make those cups, who happen to be good friends. And made the teaser film for that product line. And a pretty slick, if I might say so, “how it’s made” film for the design nerds out there. So yeah, not impartial. And possibly just showing off at this point. Keep that in mind.


That joy may turn to bitterness if you don’t choose wisely…The colour of your coffee mug can change how you perceive its taste

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Cute espresso cups. Not sure i would enjoy them beyond just looking at them as i tend to enjoy a nice large mug full coffee. If i’m going for fancy coffee i get a lot of enjoyment drinking from fancy coffee cups. My favorite is a good traditional cappuchino, or a nice breve with a small bit of caramel on top. Mmmm.

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My current stove is one of those glass-top things; it’s easy to keep clean, and junk doesn’t fall into it, but two things it doesn’t work well for are Bialetti-style exploding moka pots and the small pots for making Greek/Turkish coffee. Grumble. (But hey, there’s still Aeropress, though it needs a bigger cup than those little ones pictured here.)

I have those, too! Love them - makes me think of Italy every time I spark up the machine to brew a shot.

I’ve always been partial to these ceramic espresso cups made to look like old enameled tin cups.

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Those are pretty nifty

Cute, they’re cute, but they’re very brittle. I own a set and 4 out of 6 are chipped.
And just the colorful ones, another set (in gold, not as joyous) is perfect

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