A lost 1970s wallet with lots of cools stuff in it is returned to its owner 46 years later

Originally published at: A lost 1970s wallet with lots of cools stuff in it is returned to its owner 46 years later | Boing Boing


Anyone watching the video unclear as to how the wallet got where it was found?

She lost it after it fell through a hole in the purse after it was placed on the floor by her seat?

The wallet was found in a crawlspace in the ceiling near the chandelier?

It sounds like it was found/stolen and stashed in the crawl space, by, I would think, someone who had access to that crawlspace (ie, a theater employee)?


Just don’t use the condom


I watched Star Wars in that theater.


Yeah - and no mention of whether the $200 was still in the wallet or not. I assume not.


I liked her reaction to finding the photo of her mom in the wallet. Very sweet.


This is much cooler than the time when I was in junior high and the cashier in our local grocery store saw my mom’s name on a check and asked if I was Lisa. They had a wallet in the lost and found from years earlier. Inside was 35 cents and my Woodsy Owl Fan Club membership card. At the time, I was embarrassed to admit it was mine. (but now I’m proud of that fan club membership, haha)


I had a similar reaction. My '70s wallet was unearthed while decluttering before a move. I found a bit of change and a joke ID card from a magazine. It said, “In case of Emergency, call Randolph Mantooth.” :roll_eyes:


“found a wallet in a crawl space that was stuffed with all kinds of 20th century relics, including a $5 Grateful Dead concert ticket from 1973, poetry, vintage photos, and a California driver’s license with a 1976 expiration date.”

Wait, did the wallet contain all of that, or did the crawlspace? And yes, “crawlspace” is one word, damn my pedantic tendencies…


I’m sure it happened just like in one of them tiktok videos but after dropping all the way down it got stuck on top.

What kind of journalism is this? The public deserves to know whether this was a 45 year old crime or someone losing their wallet.


my father died when i was 5 so beyond a few stories and everyday possessions, i did not get to know much about him or his tastes until i was tickled to find a stub from dylan’s 1976 rolling thunder revue in his wallet.

btw that dead show is pretty good with a great china rider


Never lost my wallet. Ever. Of course it could be because I was sporting one of these guys well into college.

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