A man named Mule owns 3 mules and travels with them across the western US


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This part makes me happy somehow.


I passed this man with this mule on a bike path in the Ojai Valley a few years ago. Nice to know more of his story.


Authorities don’t know how to deal with him

well, that’s because as an anomaly he operates outside the Seldon plan.


Oh neat. I saw him and the mules come through town a while back and wondered what his story was.


Soon to be a major motion picture starring Clint Eastwood, with music by America.


I guess the problem is where he can stay overnight. Probably the big ‘question’ the authorities have with him is what to do with someone setting up in a city park with mules tied nearby. They are accustomed to dealing with people camping, sleeping in their cars, so this is a new twist. I wonder how often some good samaritan with acreage lets him camp for a few days.


That guy is still around? I heard he had died of dysentery.


Boonka chika
Boonka chika


Oh cool! He has a website: 3mules.com (naturally)

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