Rancher on horseback lassoes bike thief in Walmart parking lot


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Bike Wranglers are the worst.


Awesome. The West lives on.

On a totally OT side-note, I’m curious why you wouldn’t link to the most local news source on a story, instead of The Guardian? Seems to me smaller city papers need the clicks more and, in general, I would think would have better perspective on most stories over time.


Take note, gun enthusiasts. This is how a REAL cowboy handles crime.

*ETA: Also Wonder Woman. Never forget Wonder Woman.


Normally I don’t approve of vigilante justice, but if nobody gets seriously hurt and you’re doing it in a way that could be filmed by Sergio Leone, why not?


I love BB stories with happy endings. I want to read happy news every day. Cheers!


He wasn’t punished. He was stopped and citizen’s-arrested. I don’t see any moral or legal problem.


Attention Oregon: The rest of the world will now assume everyone in your state rides around on horseback in ten gallon hats. Forever. This never goes away. Trust me.



Life imitates art?


I guess a vigilante is just a liberal who has had a bike stolen, but my first thought was, “They had a rope and a tree, what were they waiting for?”


I admit that I may be viewing this through the lens of a different society and legal system, but I honestly don’t see what’s supposed to be wrong with this. Perhaps I am missing something.


I was actually agreeing with you, just taking it a little too far, as is my habit. In real life, I am strongly opposed to the death penalty, but in my fantasies I have a little list.


Only in America. And for once, I say that with a smile.

Could use more stories like this these days. Thanks for sharing, Xeni.


I don’t approve of the death penalty but I wouldn’t mind seeing the thief get hog-tied until the cops showed up.

I’m still on the fence about branding irons.


I have had a bike stolen. I am not a vigilante.


This just doesn’t ring true to me. How long does it take an adrenaline pumped thief, fleeing from pursuers, to ride a bike across a parking lot? And how long does it take to run to a trailer, drop the back, walk a horse out, mount it and gallop off? I imagine long enough to be left wondering where the fuck the thief went. And why would you keep your horse saddled and cinched in the trailer, ready to go at a moments notice? On the other hand, America.


The local news article at the link that @stinkinbadgers gave above explains that the thief struggled with the gears, ditched the bike, and then attempted to flee on foot. It also explains that the rancher was right there at his trailer, and that he does this kind of thing with his rope (with cows) every day. I’m a believer :slight_smile:

ETA: I did, at first, think the same as what @d8sconz said. I conclude that @stinkinbadgers is right–local news for the win!


I was referring to myself. I have never doubted that you are a better person than I. :slight_smile:


eer… maybe nike wrangler


I’m curious how much dragging occurred. FTA: “dragging him like roped cattle to the end of the parking lot.” Wouldn’t take much dragging to push this into punishment before a trial.