Bike thieves pranked


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Huh. I guess this is a thing? I saw another one done in America that was the same thing. Couple of them got hit right in the berries.


Is it bad that I’m laughing?


Not one of these guys noticed the rope?


They don’t show you the video of the guys who noticed the rope and walked away.


Very effective “too dumb to live” test right there.


You’re not expecting it to be there so you don’t notice it. Your brain is flooded with chemicals on what you are about to do anyway.

Search “stolen bike prank” on youtube for moar.


Sorry, no sympathy for bike thieves here. This was hilariously awesome. I’d like to see this done here at the university I work at only not let them run away though that’s pretty funny too.


Kind of a shame they didn’t include some large protruding piece of metal sticking up from the handlebars…a headlight or something.


As someone who has had his bike stolen before and ended up stranded because I had forgotten my wallet and had to walk seven miles… no.


I’m surprised such a simple trick works, and never gets old. :laughing:


it’s even a glaringly white clothesline, too. i could see doing this with something dark that would hide better. surprising this works so well, haha


I wish they would have gotten someone a bit speedier to chase them…


I kept thinking “if they made that rope several meters longer, those guys could really get up some speed, and really get hurt.” I hate bike thieves as much as anybody, but I don’t want to see someone break their neck or lose an eye.


That’s why road bike steering tube shifters are not such a great idea.


It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Then it’s hilarious!


Isn’t it kind of backwards they show the faces of other people, but blur the thieves’s faces? Everyone should know who they are!


My 2 day old Diamond Back was stolen with it bolted to the water main just outside a store. I would boil alive any bicycle thief and sleep easy that night. Truely.


I saw another video recently where they had the bike set up facing down a hill and the type of frame and handlebars were just built to crush the nuts if you flew forward. The host of the video would walk up to the guys on the ground and just laugh while they went fetal. Finally the guys would get up confused at what had happened but also probably confused why he wasn’t mad or chasing them. He just kept laughing and saying man that must hurt bro.


Why don’t things like this ever include a policeman there to actually arrest the asshole?