A map of the worst countries in the world in which to be a worker


Can someone with skills combine this with the survey on morality of divorce, alcohol, birth control and other things? I want to know what countries to never ever ever move to.

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I wonder how this works out in practice, as I suspect that while Russia may have better laws, you are in the end, better off working in the USA.

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At minimum, the last two key findings are common enough in the U.S.

Is there an uncropped version of the map somewhere? I had to open the original source PDF and search for New Zealand (2, like Japan and Switzerland).

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For those too lazy to look in the pdf:

Barbados______________ 1
Belgium _______________ 1
Denmark ______________ 1
Estonia _______________ 1
Finland _______________ 1
France ________________ 1
Germany ______________ 1
Iceland _______________ 1
Italy __________________ 1
Lithuania ______________ 1
Montenegro ____________ 1
Netherlands ____________ 1
Norway _______________ 1
Slovakia _______________ 1
South Africa ____________ 1
Sweden _______________ 1
Togo _________________ 1
Uruguay _______________ 1

Russian Federation _______ 2
United Kingdom _________ 3
United States of America ___ 4
Pakistan_______________ 4
Panama _______________ 4
Peru _________________ 4
Sierra Leone____________ 4
Cambodia _____________ 5
China ________________ 5
Colombia ______________ 5

• Irregular violation of rights.
• Collective labour rights are generally guaranteed. Workers can freely associate
and defend their rights collectively with the government and/or companies and can improve their working conditions through collective bargaining. Violations against workers are not absent but do not occur on a regular basis

• Repeated violation of rights.
• Countries with a rating 2 have slightly weaker collective labour rights than those with the rating 1. Certain rights have come under
the repeated attack by governments and/or companies and have undermined the struggle for better working conditions.

• Regular violation of rights.
• The government and/or companies are regularly interfering in collective labour rights. There are deficiencies in laws and/or certain practices which make frequent violations possible.

• Systematic violation of rights.
• Unions in countries with the rating of 4
have reported systematic violations aainst workers. The government and/or companies are engaged in a serious effort to crush the collective voice of workers putting fundamental rights under continuous threat.

• No guarantee of rights.
• Countries with a rating of 5 are the worst countries in the world for workers to work in. While the legislation may spell out some rights, workers have effectively no rights and are therefore exposed to autocratic regimes and unfair and abusive practices.

Silly format and bolding due to copy and pasting from pdf = me too lazy to correct


In the sense that you are better off living in the US. As I understand it, this report focuses only on workers’ rights, ignoring things like human rights, standard of living, etc.


Kind of surprised to see South Africa at the top of the list there, given the fairly recent news of striking mineworkers being killed in clashes with the police.

And as with so many other social and economic indicators, the overall message is clear- If you want to live well, copy the Scandinavians.


Agreed. That list and the countries rankings makes you wonder whether the ranking are suspect, or the news media’s coverage of labour issues all over the world is suspect.

I suspect both are true.


Sadly at the moment, our government is quite happily pulling the UK towards #4 on that list :frowning:

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What I want to know is when China annexed Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan!

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surprisingly,… the United States… lagged behind.

This would surprise nobody who works for a living in this country. Maybe devotees of Fox News still think American workers are the richest and most spoiled in the world. Maybe some retirees who haven’t seen the workplace in 30 years.

I suspect the ITUC might be based outside the US, some place that still thinks Americans are rich. Narnia, maybe.


Interestingly, that is true even within the U.S.: Minnesota, UP Michigan, Washington state, etc.

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