More Americans than ever are giving up their US citizenship

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Peak privilege.


Due to my ancestry, I had the chance to reclaim my citizenship to an EU member last year. Jumped on with both feet and trying to figure out how to finish the deal.


Many people living outside the USA keep their citizenship for travelling to other countries. Between covid and DJT it’s not worth paying taxes for that any more.


I’ve taken up my online german language course again, for what that’s worth.


If (when) Mass-Murdering Traitor Trump steals the next election, his “Big, Beautiful Wall” isn’t just going to keep people out – it’s going to keep Americans from fleeing his brainless authoritarian regime. Get out now, while you can.


Not everyone can. In fact, millions can’t. We’d do better to fix our shit than to abandon it.


“What we’ve seen is people are over everything happening with President Donald Trump, how the coronavirus pandemic is being handled, and the political policies in the US at the moment.”

Huh. I think my desire to leave has been growing incrementally since Reagan came into office.


Not everyone is privileged enough to have the resources needed to relocate, and it’s not like many other countries are willing to allow us entry.

Many of us have no choice but to stay and fight.


sadly, the vast majority of those people would have voted blue this nov.


I gave up my citizenship because I stopped feeling American and wondered why I am paying taxes and filing paperwork every year for a country that isn’t and will never be my home again. I did this 5 years ago, during the good times when Obama was president and I never once regretted my decision.


I was born here in the UK to an American mother, have had dual nationality all my life, and aside from going to school in the US during my gap year before University, I’ve never properly lived there.

This year, I was delighted to finally discover that I can in fact vote in the upcoming Presidential election. I’ve registered and look forward to casting my vote as soon as I can.

Even if thousands are leaving and will no longer be voting, I hope that there are also a lot of people out there like me, who could vote, and who get around to doing so in this important election.

Oh, and if any Americans feel like moving to Scotland, know that you don’t even have to give up your US citizenship to vote or run for office, here!


I don’t understand it, unless it is for money? Where can you find MORE liberty than the USA? Nowhere.

There are many places that about as much or a few trade offs. Some actually have MORE liberty by certain metrics.


Um… we have the largest prison population on the planet… so that’s entirely incorrect. Many Americans, struggling to put food on the table and pay their rent are NOT in any meaningful sense “free”. The many Americans going bankrupt due to illness are not free. The students drowning in debt but unable to find a decent job are not free.

You are only “free” if you’re wealthy, and then it barely matters where you life.


Did you become stateless?

I’m asking this here in seriousness for anyone who can answer it for anyone who this was the case for.

I don’t recognize this country anymore regardless of who wins in November. I have considered becoming stateless because I just feeling alien in my own country and I can’t take it here anymore we have reached a level of stupid that I don’t think could be undone.

I no longer believe in this country and I would love to find a legitimate way to either live as a stateless person or leave it for another country.

As it stands I speak Japanese but getting Japanese citizenship is a nightmare in and of itself.

I know some people will think I am joking here but I’m quite serious. And yes I am aware of the consequences of becoming stateless.

I’ve just decided that it doesn’t really matter to me anymore.


I hope that was sarcasm


It’s something like .002% - not exactly a crush of people. It’s a rounding error.

I’m just filing my last paperwork to get Irish citizenship (today!) - but it will be dual - I’m not renouncing. Really it’s more planning for my next phase of life when I might want to just go live somewhere in the EU for a year without needing a visa etc. But it was a little expensive given the need to hire an attorney for a piece of it. No way I could have afforded it earlier in my life.

Trump is going to be kicked out. At this point it’s pretty clear that they’ll be a full on uprising if he tries not to leave - and he won’t have support of the military.

When his personal safety is involved - he’s a coward. And now everyone knows it.





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