A masterful long take brings True Detective to its midpoint [Recap: “Who Goes There,” S1 Ep4]


From MTV.com:

“All told, the sequence clocks in at around six minutes. Fukunaga and the crew ran through the whole thing seven times while the cameras were rolling. The director built in possible edit points if two takes had to be combined to make the perfect version of the shot, but anyone who is wondering should know that the sequence everyone saw in the episode is, in fact, a true single take and one of the great achievements of filmmaking for television.”


OK. Unspeakably thrilling ride from the bayou house to the end…

That was just an amazing episode. According to The Daily Beast interview with Nic Pizzoletto episode #5 has a long monologue with Cohle acting like “a person trapped inside of a TV show”. I cannot fucking wait.

Also, just putting this out there, that no matter how “unserious” people feel about the smattering of philosophy here and there in the show, the overall praise for the show has recieved shows a real thirst for philosophy in a medium that refuses to use the word 99.9% of the time.


“You are like the Michael Jordan of being a son of a bitch.”

lol, I missed this was in the ‘extra musings’ section of the post but god dang it, made me laugh.

I often am late to catch or miss extended takes altogether but I caught this one and… wow. BUT: what was the point of dressing bearded bikers in police uniforms? I didn’t get that part.

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