Bodycam footage of murderer being arrested


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I don’t think I want to watch this clip…


It’s the scene from Fargo where they arrest Jerry Lundegaard, but with all reality’s complications.


So much for breakfast.


I wanted to look at how long the video was, clicked it in the hope of a progress bar that would tell me this, no progress bar. But thats alright because the first two seconds were enough for me :see_no_evil:


Straight out of a Dostoevsky novel.


Yeah… No thanks. Skiparooni.


FYI for all: the video is about 1 min 30 sec long. It is only footage of the man and LEO speaking and him stepping outside and being arrested. That’s basically it.

To @beschizza 's point…here is the scene in Fargo for a comparison for those who have not seen it or have forgotten.


Thorton died from 39 stab wounds.

That’s put me off my morning oatmeal and java.


On reflection it’s also the “I’m cooperating here” scene I’m thinking of.


“I’m not going to restrain you.” “OK, I’m placing you under arrest.”


“I’m supposed to be going down…supposed to be going down to get some 'baccy.”

What an inconvenience. :unamused:

Also, is that a blood spatter on his right temple?


Yeah nah. Not watching it either.


Yeah, that seems like it should have provided him an iron-clad defense of “no take-backs.”


Damn me for being up to watch anything.

Those eyes.


I’m imagining Kevin Macleod’s “Unseen Horrors” playing in the background as the police arrest the man.

As others have stated, that thousand-yard stare in the video still is all I need to see.


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