Man who filmed fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery is arrested for murder, 3rd arrest in Georgia investigation

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William “Roddie” Bryan Jr. charged with Felony Murder & Criminal Attempt to Commit False Imprisonment.


As expected, Fox News is insisting on covering this story in the worst way possible because they always always ALWAYS have to take the side of the violent bigots.



Don’t tell me these idiots are charging this person with this because he filmed someone else doing this and exposing this bullshit

It wouldn’t surprise me though it’s Georgia

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Oh of COURSE Fox is slandering a dead man.

Jesus Christ these people have no sense of decency at all. He was murdered, and in something as clear as day and now conservatives are trying to paint him as somehow deserving it.

That Network and the people that boost that Network are morally bankrupt and horrible human beings


Usually when “man who filmed fatal shooting is arrested” it’s retaliation against citizen journalism

but in this case it looks like the cameraman was part of the lynch mob

OTOH they’re not giving us much to go on


The irony is this asshat released the video under the impression that it would clear the father and son murder team, since it showed the black man disobeying the instructions of random white guys.


Interesting development, I hadn’t heard anything about the guy who shot the video other than he apparently thought releasing it would somehow exonerate his murderous buddies instead of incriminating them. (“What else were they supposed to do? Can’t you see how black he was?”) I guess this means he had a less passive role in the murder than was immediately apparent.

I just hope the investigation takes down anyone in local law enforcement who helped those killers remain free as long as they did. This story is as much about the authorities’ reaction to the killing (or lack thereof) as it is about the killers themselves.


It’s not impossible that there was extenuating circumstances in the video, but unless the video is Ahmed jumping out of bush with a gun screaming “Imma kill you all!” it’s going to be hard to justify a shooting.


The video Fox News unearthed to justify the shooting is from 2017. Even if Arbery had been doing something violent at the time it wouldn’t do anything to justify the 2020 slaying.


Jesus. They’re obviously trying to smear him, but reading the article, there ends up being lots of instances of the cops harassing Arbery for no apparent reason. He got arrested for suspicion of shoplifting, but based on what, and what was the outcome? They don’t say, which I’m guessing means he didn’t get convicted, because they’d be trumpeting that if he had. He got hassled by cops while sitting in a car at a park, with cops escalating the situation to violence, clearly based on absolutely nothing. Of course Fox tries their best to make him seem guilty in both those situations.


CORRECTED HEADLINE: “cops have been out to get this guy for years, what are they covering up”


That’s the question I have. Was Bryan involved in the lynching or are the cops retaliating against him for recording it?

I’d originally assumed he recorded it because it was the most he could safely do against two armed assailants and if he couldn’t stop it he could at least let the world know what had happened so maybe the victim and the victim’s family might get some justice. But apparently he was merely a complicit dumbfuck who thought recording the lynching of a black jogger would exonerate the murderers. On the one hand, I’m glad there’s video evidence of the murder to put the murderers away. On the other hand, how big a delusional fucking racist piece of shit do you have to be to think filming the lynching of a black victim will in way shape or form exonerate the murderers?

Yes, I know it was in Georgia, but the sentiment remains valid across state lines.


When you’ve been unaware your whole like, you think everyone sees things the same way you do.


I don’t know the circumstances and I don’t know what states this can occur. However, in situations like an armed robbery where a victim is murdered, every accomplice is charged with the murder, not just the shooter.

I noticed that the video was hand held (not a dash cam that happened to capture a murder) and was tracking Ahmaud. Why was the video person there, with his camera rolling, following the same guy as the shooter? My feeling at the time was that it looked like a coordinated neighborhood watch gone wrong.

Im hoping this increases the odds of a conviction for at least the shooter, throw one in jail for life and give the others reduced sentences.

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they were just, you know, going to WATCH him, until it all WENT WRONG somehow


The video shows the guy recording Ahmaud, not just the scenery, well before but definitely leading up to the shooting. I assumed he was shooting the “heroic” white cops deal with a random black man so that they could go home and mutually masturbate to the video later.


The same list as Fox compiled could be used as Exhibit A of how Arbery had been harassed by cops for ‘[activity] while black” for most of a decade.


My guess the cops wanted to charge him with “Shopping while Black” which is a pretty serious charge in the South. /s


And here’s Justice without the Chase Bank logos: