Police shoot complying unarmed black man. Reason stated by cop "I don't know"


You heard right folks. Charles Kinsey, a resident of North Miami was shot, while complying with police. He was attempting to bring his autistic patient out of the road, when cops rolled up.

Official stated reason for the shooting by the cop who shot Kinsey “I don’t know”.

This is why the cops in Dallas were shot.

Nobody should be shot. But when this happens, it almost seems like it’s safer to defend yourself from a cop violently than to comply.

Mall cop fired after bringing gun to work and accidentally shooting other guard in arse
Video released of Tulsa police fatally shooting unarmed black man Terence Crutcher



It’s too wrong.

If tgis is a possibility in a police department, I feel we may be better off without police.


So sick of this crap.


“I don’t know”


What am I missing? I mean, this cop fired three bullets and he doesn’t know why?

Ah… neither do I.

Officer Quick-trigger will probably be found “Justified”. Wanna bet me? (C’mon; I’ll even give 2:1 odds) Sorry to be flippant, but …


Finally, we’ve reached the logical conclusion of racist policing: the charge of EWB (Existing While Black).

This is pretty much exactly why N.W.A. released ‘Fuck The Police’ about 25 Jesus Christ, 28 damn years ago.


Where I am from self defense requires intent. So he would need a damn good explanation why that wasn’t a confession of murder.


Sounds like you hail from such a magical place as literally anywhere else in the developed world besides the USA.


I think the guy lived.


Attempted murder then.


Agreed. And now he’s here to give his side of the story. Not that it’ll make a difference.


On the national news tonight, the PD responsible made a point of Officer Idunno being Hispanic. If the idea is to thwart the notion that racism might be at play? They’re doin’ it rong.


A quote from this year’s Christmas dinner, from my right-wing Anglo-Australian aunt after my Spanish aunt said something along the lines of “I know this sounds racist, but I just don’t trust Lebanese people”: “Don’t be ridiculous Fabiola, you can’t be racist, you’re Spanish”.

For the sake of family diplomacy, I choked back the reply of “Goddammit Trudy, that’s the stupidest fucking thing you’ve ever said”.


Gold. Solid gold. Will be using this moniker for the rest of this discussion.


Say it again, folks: a “good cop” who covers for and protects a “bad cop” is not a good cop.

Attempted murder charge for the shooter, accomplice-after-the-fact charges for every other officer present.


“He was black. I have a badge and a gun. What did y’all expect me to do?”


Nothing. That’s what I expected. Because the 911 call turned out to be false. So the only thing the cops had reason to do was apologize and go away.


Hey, you’re welcome. I’ll be here all week.


I see you haven’t met. Let me introduce you to the Modern American Police Officer.


“Damn. Sorry about your pal there, Donald. Guess it’s administrative leave for me.”