Police shoot complying unarmed black man. Reason stated by cop "I don't know"


No, what I said was true. Just because the cops kill doesn’t mean they have any reason to.


You are 100% correct, my friend.

I’m just wheeling out the gallows humor because this particular case is, if anything, even wronger than most of the recent cop-shooting-unarmed-black-guy events of recent days. I’d like to think I’d be less flippant if Kinsey had been more seriously wounded or killed, but I confess that this is the way my brain reacts when it starts to boil with impotent rage.


That probably is the reason, otherwise he’d be quicker with a rationalization.

He was badly trained, directed to jump at shadows, and given an insane set of immoral and confusing guidelines.

What’s a brain to do but do whatever it can to help the host survive. It’s one of our super powers. We can expect it to activate in a situation like this.


Don’t forget Body Count’s Cop Killer!


The only one who can stop a bad cop with a gun is apparently nobody. Because all the “good” cops with guns are either cowards, incompetent, or maybe there just aren’t that many good cops.

The police want to play up a few bad apples, but the whole barrel is rotten through if the supposed overwhelming majority of “good” cops are spineless shitgobbling cowards complacent in the problem.

The “good” cops end up being equally as much of the problem as the murderers as long as they do nothing to stop the killing.


And this one:


Sad to say, but that’s probably the closest thing yet we’ve got to being a real honest answer.


That’s my first go-to. :relaxed: I think NWA’s song is more well-known these days because the movie? I think it’s good, but Fuck the Police is definitely less controversial than Cop Killer.

I always chuckle that Ice-T plays a cop on TV.


Cop Killer was in direct response to the Rodney King beating, of course. And I think it got such attention because, A) election year and B) Body Count was a metal band, played on Lollapalooza and was aimed at WHITE kids, as a result. It helped the thing go bananas in the culture, I think.

Ice-T still does Body Count albums, though.


“Rich man’s militia” is one of the best terms for the police as an institution I’ve heard:


Since it was apparently confusing I’ve removed it.

There’s been so many people saying “why are these people protesting”… and yet the answer to a much better question is just an “I don’t know”.

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Imma just thank gawd Charles survived!

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What does gawd have to do with it? I’d say thank the EMTs and hospital folks for rendering treatment.


Sorry, nada, zip, zero, zilch - /s was implied

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Sorry, I’ve been winding myself up. I’ll have to take a step back from this.


Totes justified, this is some grade D bullocks


Oh, it gets better: the cop says he was actually trying to shoot the autistic man, and missed.

No explanation yet for why you handcuff a man and leave him lying on the ground after you shoot him by mistake while “trying to protect him.”


Since the EMTs didn’t get there for 30 minutes, they’re probably the second people to thank.

30 minutes after a shooting. If an officer was wounded I wonder how long it would have taken.


Or why they think that shooting an intellectually disabled man (committing no crime, threatening nobody and in possession of nothing but a toy truck) is an acceptable thing to do.


Seriously. Why isn’t it a major, fireable offense for a cop to shoot someone and then not do first aid?

That’s fucked up priorities.

Cops always tell me that they’re trained to shoot to kill, center of mass. That means any shot they take should be deadly and incapacitating. Which means that they need to start applying first aid immediately if they want their victim to go to court. Evidence of a cop shooting and not providing aid needs to be considered legally the same as destroying evidence and punished the same way.