A melody written by a crowd, now looking for lyrics


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Thanks for the nightmare fuel!


There are some fun remixes already!


Which word should come next?

Boaty McBoatface


This reminds me of a cross between the Three-Headed Broadway Star game from Whose Line, and exercises that teach kids how to improvise.


Art by committee. What a recipe for greatness!


Twitch plays music?


Power chords and cow bell. That is all.


Everything was
was easier in Paris in the
the springtime


Making art is rarely a multiple-choice problem.


Where’s spider? The correct choice is spider.


Right here. He’s our hero!


Underneath the stars
dreaming of another world
wishing for another chance to remember when
everything was was easier …


Makes you wonder if crowds should vote.

P.S. Actually, I will save this. From now on, every time anyone wants to have a vote over my design choices, I will play him this song.


Get Quincy Jones to produce and it would be a huge hit. (Duh!)


Get Dan Auerbach or Bruno Mars to put their names on it and it will be everywhere. Those guys are everywhere these days.


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