A message to popular kids today

In our school system the circumstances were different from the average American school because secondary school was divided into tracks and in ours college was the clear default. But I agree. In our case executives are definitely overrepresented among the popular kids and I am pretty sure there is a significant positive correlation between popularity and economic success in later life.

Hold on, I was deeply unpopular and nerdy in high school. Where the fuck’s my yacht?


It also happens in Ann Arbor, not on campus, where there are exactly zero steam tunnels. Just sewers.

What a damned clunky website you’ve linked to. :frowning:

And reality TV.

The saddest conversation I have had is with a guy talking about how 7th grade was the best year of his life.

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I mean, OK, I empathize; but to me, the message of this video was “someone spent a lot of time and effort making a video to dis people that they’ve clearly outdistanced in terms of success in life.” Let it go. It says more about you that you haven’t got over your high school social ranking than it does about the losers who lorded their status over you when they were fifteen (the age when that kind of behavior is expected.)

“There is always a career in politics. Your lack of human empathy will be a positive asset.”

This… explains a lot about American politics.

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I’m from the United Kingdom of Great Britain (you know, the one that is riven by internal dissent, not very great and has a Queen, but, hey, its not like you can expect the truth from the Establishment) and the politicians over here are exactly the same. I think they are probably the same the world over. Psychopaths enacting psychopath laws.

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And the subtitle in brackets should be “Revenge of the nerds”. Also, Oatmeal did it first:

Yay! Oatmeal, FTW!

I had to laugh because, when reading the posts in order, yours read like a follow-on from tim_rowledge’s right above you:

... true, but dumb is a perpetual source of income for preachers and the like.
Or, steam heat in Detroit too.
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I’m preparing my kids to basically circumvent that whole marketing blitz and define themselves according to their own rules.

I agree with that 18-24 thing, and mildly experienced it myself. It took me a while to work out; but since I had hardly any money when I was in that bracket, it never mattered much anyhow.

Ah, but we have tradition and shiny gold carriages and jubilees and suchnot. Mother of Parliaments, doncha know, old boy…

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Good luck, but that’s no easy task. Especially since “Define yourself by your own rules!” is exactly the kind of sentiment that marketers like to co-opt.


Yeah, my basic sentiment is to help them get to a place where the blatant marketing messages look somewhat crass and brash.

Maybe I’m just creating sad cynics. Ummm.

I used to work with a guy who wouldn’t hesitate to tell us stories of his glory days of high-school football, and clung to the same attitude his whole life. Sure, he and his teammates used to pick on the littler kids, but “we didn’t mean nuttin’ by it; just havin’ fun”.

As long as he pretended that his diabetes was no big deal, he could eat and drink whatever he wanted, because his “quack doc didn’t know nuttin’”, and the plastic boot was just temporary.

He died alone in his one-bedroom apartment knowing that once you’re one of the elites, you’re set for life.

Maybe it’s just a funny video and actually has nothing to do with the high school social ranking of its creator?


That’s 'cause I totally kicked his a$$ in 8th grade!


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