A MIDI harmonica

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Cool! I play harp but have never seen this thing- bookmarked for later investigation. Thanks for sharing!


Looks well-designed, seems like an excellent idea. How much?

Edit: $750!?!?! (not including local sales tax and import duties). I dunno man. . . . .

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It says you can’t bend with it - far from “full featured” then


Apparently it’s hackable though…

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You answered my question, I didn’t think I heard any bends in the tune he was playing.

Also, one of the beautiful things about a normal harmonica is it’s easy to just slip in your pocket and go. You’re not getting a sound out of this thing without a synth and an amp.


This certainly wouldn’t replace my traditional harps, but might be fun to get some different sounds out of, especially recording. That price tag will likely keep me out of it, though.

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Is that to simulate the audience throttling you?

I see. I’ll take, “Things I’m Never Going To Need, But Great If You Want It” for $1,000, Alex.

What is the physics on note bending in a harmonica? Is it dependent on the actual resonance of the note to do? And would it even be possible to sense the same input using a silent flow detector?

Regardless, the lack of bending takes the harmonica-ness out of the MIDI version. I was thinking that maybe that would be ok for chromatic harp, but when he switches to a real harmonica, it is so different as to make the MIDI sensor rather pointless.

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Lets see. No bends. Also, harps get gross after a while. Depending on the harp, you either disassemble is and clean with detergent, or toss it and get a new one. Neither of those seems like a good option for a $750 electronic instrument.

But can you referee a football match with it?


But - can you do THE FUNKY TONGUE?! (I mean probably…I just like watching videos about bass harmonicas and the way this guy says it).


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