A midnight army at the dawn of the web


Just a picture of me, smoking, late teens, fully clothed, was pornography to someone. My socks were worth money. This is what I had learned about men and sex from the internet by the time I had graduated high school.

Sounds about right to me.


Well, no.

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My God.

xLovelyToy32x wasn’t really who she said she was?

I think I’m going to cry.


What, you mean she talked to you too? That tramp! She said I was the only one!


The font of this post looks preposterously large… or maybe it’s just the centering.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised how 90s AIM bot conversations with desperate people work out almost exactly like the ones I see on live cam chat sites today. This includes the calls to our support line from angry wives about God and faith and such. “He’s a good Christian man he would never do that.”

We’re all porn to somebody.

Speak for yourself, hotty.


xLovelyToy32x is going to be sorry she didn’t treat me better when Mrs Mariam Abacha delivers my $34,000,000 (THIRTY FOUR MILLION US DOLLARS) inheritance fund.


I plan to send all my inheritance money to that fellow who offered to send me something to Make Her Happy In Bed! With that much, there’s no way xLovelyToy32x will be able to resist me!

We’ll move to the UK and live off the lottery money I just found out I won there.

A friend’s brother sold “one worn sock from a young gay man” on ebay for $80 – IIRC. They guy actually is gay, so at least the purchaser was getting what he wanted.

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