A Modest Proposal to Amend the Community Rules

Real examples, please. Sanitized and generalized of course!

Talking in these obtuse, roundabout terms is just not helping me understand the actual issue, much less what we can do about it.


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Let’s be careful with each other so we can be dangerous together. (source)

I think this is some of what you are saying, and what I’ve been trying to poorly say, as well.

If we’re going to be running around giggling when we deadname* people we don’t like - such as Donald Trump – why should we expect better of anybody else?

We should both act better, and be tolerant of that lack of perfection in others.

* I just learned that yesterday, so I’m showing off.

I’m not saying we should tolerate Shaddack-levels of misogyny just because “otherwise” he was cool. But he was called out on his behavior, and instead of being banned outright, people worked with him – and eventually he was banned.

Should it have happened sooner? He certainly should have been called out by us other guys sooner, that’s on us. But should a newbie that isn’t an obvious troll be hounded when they fail to be perfect when attempting to participate?

Escalation leads to escalation. When you yell at a child who doesn’t want to turn off the television, it doesn’t solve the problem, and it doesn’t help the child trust you.


Is this happening? If it is, are the more senior members not calling it out? Lastly, if this is something that is happening and needs to be corrected, will a rule in the community guidelines have any impact on it?

This honestly sounds like it should be a code of conduct wiki in the lounge, or something like that.


I totally get your point. I guess no one really grows up. After years of hearing people bash Bush every time he blinked, people bemoaning the classless rhetoric of “liberals”, I made a post on a forum stating something like “I hope if Obama wins, that people here don’t stoop to the oppositions’ levels.”


So, yeah, people’s gauge of what is acceptable taunting and ridicule vary widely based on their view points. I guess they forget, two wrongs don’t make a right. I guess public figures are more likely to both be targets of ridicule and name calling and people finding it acceptable. But is it really? Awful people are awful, but they are still people and at least some of their actions probably stem from past issues they never worked through.

Just a generic example, some guy gets locked up for drugs and stealing something. Someone might call him a thug and loser and a criminal. That they are a waste on society and should be locked up. Others might empathize that, while what this person did was wrong, they may have the potential to recover and go on to do wonderful things.

Now Trump is an extreme example because he is so… Trump-like. But at the same point it shows that you have a line where it is ok to demean and belittle someone. So if you have that capability, so does everyone else, even if their line in on where it is acceptable is different than yours. So does that mean you should also be accepting of when people call Hillary awful names? Their feelings also have some validity too.

Anyway, YMMV. I think TL;DR should be: hold your actions to a higher standard. Just because other people do it doesn’t make it ok.


the Trump/Ukraine thread had very bad vibes. the two pro-Russian commenters may or may not have been paid shills, but they were greeted after the first comment with FUCKING TROLLS.

no, rules can only work when they are in principle accepted by the ruled. a few topics here on the BBS are toxic enough that they are automagically ruleless


It was rhetorical, but thank you.




You could apply that to life in general.

I have no issues with the proposed change (TBH, I would rather a Thunderdome style of the rules, but hey)


That is unfortunate. There was one I would put my hat in the ring behind saying they were a shill, but I generally wait about a dozen comments in or so before making a statement like that. There’s also a regular that up until Falcor swooped in this morning, was being impolitely called Russian, by a member that probably should know better.

As we both agree, adding rules isn’t going to fix things like that.