A motorcycle safety video narrated by Peter Fonda and featuring Evel Knievel

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Wear a damn helmet and proper attire. Drives me nuts when I see other riders with full leather gear and no helmet or a helmet and shots, a muscle shirt and sandals.

The first person’s body will be fine, but they will be dead.
The second person’s head will be fine and they will be able to acutely feel every bit of damage to their body.


The closest I’ve ever come to riding a motorcycle was a moped that topped out around 40 mph on a steep downhill grade. I wrecked that thing enough to know that no helmet on a more powerful bike would mean only 1 thing: splattered brains.


Tip #1: Don’t piss off guys in pickup trucks.


Keep the greasy side down, and the shiny side up.


So it is Peter Fonda. I thought it might be Captain America.

Seeing other replies, it’s good they didn’t hire “Billy the Kid” since he wore a fringed leather jacket, not looking protective, and a floppy hat, while the Captain wore a leather jacket like Peter Fobda, and a propet motorcycle helmet, though painted differently.

We should check Fonda’s biker movies, the ones made before Easy Rider, to see if he wore a helmet in those.

I wonder if there’s additional motorcycle safety films made by the same producers, but for maintenance, gasoline safety, etc?

I remember how popular dirtbikes were around this time, and we had a family friend who was burned badly over 50% of his body for not being careful in his gasoline handling.

Good luck with that. There’s a lot of anger out there.


Still. Maybe always.

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