How not to wear a motorcycle helmet (funny video clip)


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Ah, humanity being fun and kind and humble instead of bigoted, arrogant and nasty.

Thanks for that!


Put the blast shield down and feel the force.


At minimum, he was trying to do the right thing, which is more than I can say for a few motorcyclists.


I think that it kind of looks cool.


I can’t stop laughing with them. I love how their heads swivel in unison, looking sort of serious and unfriendly until… Car Driver tells them, “hey bro, your uh… yah that… uh try it 'round the other way… yah” and then just smiles all around. For us too.


That was cool. They all had kind reactions instead of mockery. Does the heart good.


Watching that felt like aloe gently applied to chafed sunburn. Thanks for the feel-good.


Seems to have been taped on this IMGURian’s Android phone somewhere in Dubai.

But what brand? What brand?! :neutral_face:


Honest mistake! Could have happened to anyone!


I thought it was this guy for a second:


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