A mystery gamer is projecting their Super Mario screen onto the side of a building in the Lower Haight

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Smoke if ya’ got’em.

We contacted Love Haight Computers and they couldn’t confirm the source of the projection.

Great name


I did this in Southern France in the early Eighties, with a filmstrip projector.

I showed them fantastic stories (in the original sense of the word) about God choosing a young American bumpkin to teach His gospel to the world. The French thought it was a load of crap, but some of them gave us cookies and I learned to conjugate many irregular verbs.


This reminded me of a story about Red Skelton I remember hearing a long time ago. Had to go looking for it and the Internet provides:

From James Bacon, Hollywood Is a Four Letter Town (Chicago: Henry Regnery Company, 1976), pp. 23-4.

[One night comic Red Skelton] called me up to the house, which was high atop a hill in Bel-Air, and we went up to his bedroom. Red showed me a projection machine with a powerful telephoto lens and said, "Look down there on Sunset Boulevard. See that house on the curve with the white garage door? You see it?"

It could be seen, all right, but I was not prepared for what use Skelton would make of it. He took out a stag reel. I still remember the title – The Little Sister. It was one of those filthy reels where the wife’s gorgeous little sister comes to visit. The wife leaves the sister with the husband to get better acquainted.

Well, in a matter of seconds, they are well acquainted indeed – both nude in bed and doing all the oral sex acts people do in stag reels.

Red had focused this reel on the white garage door on Sunset Boulevard. You could hear the brakes screeching all the way up the hill. Can you imagine driving down a busy street and seeing a girl going down on a guy on a garage door?

Showing this reel became a popular pastime of Red’s – until the cops traced the light beams. Red got off with a warning, but the curve forever after has been called Dead Man’s Curve.


Some clever techie needs to build a custom Mario level designed to match the layout of a real building’s facade, so it looks like Mario is knocking coins out of windows or something.

(Or just use the “Fix-it Felix” game from Wreck-It Ralph, I guess)


I read my email off a three-story tall “screen” that was 150’ off the ground.

Hey now, that’s our job!

  • NSA

Techie Scum! Gentrifying our skylines!

Ooops, sorry. If you live in San Francisco long enough you just start reflexively blaming the Yuppies du jour for everything.

[quote=“doctorow, post:1, topic:91126”]
This may be my favorite way to do dumb things with computers, actually – which is possibly why it plays such a large role in my novel Pirate Cinema.[/quote]

Currently on a reread and i gotta say, the future hasn’t only caught up with you but it’s left you standing there slack-jawed wondering what happened. I still think it’s great and i admire its optimism but now with the snooper’s charter well and truly squatting on us the in-book theft of intellectual property bill just seems… well, you didn’t go far enough. Truth is more horrifying than fiction and all that.

Cry into my drink i disappear.

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I tell you what’s really depressing about the book and that’s the in-book mass opposition to it forcing MPs to abstain from voting. In our reality? In our reality the MPs were falling over themselves to vote for it, literally couldn’t get to the ballot box fast enough.

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