These glasses sport film strips rescued from vintage reels


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This press release has a very odd definition of “rescued”.


These glasses sport film strips rescued from vintage reels


This is a prank right?
“what’s that on the side of your glasses”
takes off glasses to look
“I don’t know. I’d need my glasses to see it.”


They literally examined the dictionary word by word and curated the best ones.


Yes, repurposed or reused or recycled would be better words than rescued.


If I do not give the film meaning, it has no meaning. Therefore, if I cut it up and use it, I am rescuing it. Make sense?


Please god tell me these films had been reviewed and discarded by film historians before they chopped them up for eyeglasses.


It depends on the context. If the film in question is not rare, and the condition of the reel isn’t great then chopping it up and using the choicest bits for something else is giving that material some additional use and life. I would not word it as “rescuing” the film though, that would suggest that it is being restored or saved, when in fact it is being recycled and reused in a specific manner.


others were so very much of indie origin we could not even identify their genre

Sounds strongly like this includes rare film. Not a good look.


I figured this was the case. If that’s exactly what they’re doing that’s really something


or if we want to go the other way, “cannibalized”. Particular films “so very much of indie origin [they] could not even identify their genre”

It’s hard to find prints of successful films of the 40s for archive and restoration. Success stories from the Film Noir Foundations, for example, usually begin with “thankfully, the camera operator at the Ambassador Theater had been stealing prints for years” or “we had three prints in existence. One actually had the original English audio.”

Of course, this is also how I learned people cut down old 45s for coasters, comics for cufflinks, and ancient mammoth remains for dice. So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.


You know, if you quickly swish the earpiece part of the film-eyeglasses across your field of vision and blink really fast, you’ll see a split second of a movie! It may even give away the plot!



I think this would be kind of cool if it were a few frames of your favourite movie or so on the frames, but what’s the point of some random film you had no choice over?

Seems about the same aesthetic as putting books on a shelf to look good not because you enjoy, or even know, the books.


The film sources include TV stations. Given that each pair of eyeglasses don’t require many film frames, I wouldn’t be surprised if the makers can safely slip through snips from ads for eastern European condoms without buyers being the wiser.






And now I have ANOTHER British show I have to look up!


I can highly recommend it.