A neo-Baroque fugue based on Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance"

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Thank God it didn’t turn out to be written by an AI.

LD-G4G4 demands a writing credit.

(image by eliane 10)

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Bad Romance was ten years ago?

I’m a little disappointed it’s not recorded on a harpsichord, and doesn’t incorporate the riff @ the beginning of the song…


Bad Romance is one of the best pop songs in a long, long while. It’s production is pretty amazing with how dense it is.


Or a proper pipe organ (the natural home of all fugues). But all-in-all that’s very impressive indeed. Take a surprisingly good pop song and produce an even more surprisingly good fugue. I hope they’re encouraged to try it with “Alejandro” and even “Telephone”.


I’m sure there are a zillion parody versions, but here’s one I always liked and respected:

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