A Nerf gun you can shoot in the dark

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What about modding a regular Nerf gun with a Picatinny rail, so things like scope or laser can be attached? A tactical flashlight attachment can be also made with ease.

What about teaching the kids that (and how) they can mod their generic weaponry into something better?

You can’t shoot the other ones in the dark? Bummer.


You can shoot anything in the dark. Nuking it 'til it glows beforehand is a plus.


The flash light actually adds to potential strategy, as firing at somebody when in the dark will give away your position.

Just ordered 300 darts for $19 USD off AliExpress. Kids should have a ball this summer.

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My lounge is pretty small so all nerf battles are quite personal with zero cover, we also have a policy of not shooting the cats so a laser sight might make that rule difficult to abide (if it’s just a torch it’d be fine). I picked up the “N-Strike Elite Mega Cyclone Shock Blaster” recently cos it’s a barrelled pistol that fires the fat sniper ammo, but its range and accuracy suffer a bit. My colleague isn’t at all wide but I still reckon I should have been able to hit him at medium range, I think it might be a case of aim much higher and learn how to land them like a mortar. Also you can’t play russian roulette so well as the ends of the ammo are visible from the side. Perhaps with blindfolds? That’s more of a firing squad thing.

The Maverick is still my fav for accuracy and competitive russian roulette tournaments.

I looked into N-Strikes recently with the thought of modding but it looks like it would require more tolerance of ugly plastic hacking than I like. Also keep in mind, even a cheap airsoft rail is gonna weigh twice what the nerf gun does.

3d-print it! :stuck_out_tongue:

beat my guest

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