Nerf's new blasters are pretty danged badass


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I’ll take a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.


Would love to have some of these if only they didn’t upset my wife and dogs.


Now we know what else was in those Australian filing cabinets- the plans for survival weapons in case of zombie uprising.


The Battlefields II Boba Fett Nerf Rival set with custom gun, face mask, patch, and 7 green/red darts exclusive to Game Stop was finally half off from their stupid original price. I bought a pack of 25 yellow ball so my kid wouldn’t loose the limited edition ones.

Wow that thing is fun. Much straighter than the darts. I just wish the cocking lever wasn’t on top - its hard to aim. But once you figure out an aim point, it is pretty accurate. I set up a pop bottle for her to knock off a box. You can also put like 4 balls in the barrel for a shot gun effect.


I’ll let you guys in on a open secret from folks from the Nerf community. The guts from those large blasters are pretty close to the smaller ones. You’re mostly paying for more plastic for the aesthetics and maybe for a higher dart/ball capacity.


Are you one of those people who mod them to get more powa?


I thought that’s what these blasters were for.


You clearly haven’t met my wife and dogs.


The things our loved-ones deny us!!


But I do get to own power tools, so I win some and I lose some.


/ furiously searches for office supply requisition forms


One of my favorite bits of 80s technobabble. What the hell is 40 watts’ worth of anything going to do? An Easy Bake oven uses 100 watts. Or it used to, anyway. The point still stands.


Rig up a deal at the end of your drill motor to centrifugally fling out nerf balls. If they complain, blame it on me.


I predict that soon, the US Seals will have weapons based on Nerf design. And will deploy alongside with ATLAS-style, AI-enhanced semi-autonomous drones.
And what will we make of that, dear peace-loving mutants?! What will we make of that?


What the hell is going on here?




Not really outside of that basic penny mod trick for the Maverick. I use to be a buyer but I haven’t really bought any new blasters in years but I do somewhat keep up with news about them.


Warring seals would look at each other… then go, Nnnnaaaaaahh!


You could pop balloons with it…