A new Dungeons & Dragons cook book shows you how to feast like an orc. Or a wizard, for that matter.

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2021/02/26/a-new-dungeons-dragons-cook-book-shows-you-how-to-feast-like-an-orc-or-a-wizard-for-that-matter.html

Unicorn recipe or GTFO.




Don’t call it “orc bacon” unless it’s bacon made out of orc meat. That’s just false advertising.

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I was disappointed by the book’s interpretation of “iron rations.”

I was hoping for . . . I dunno, pemmican or hard tack or rock-hard dried sausage.

Instead, perishable light trail food that would fall apart in an adventurer’s pack.


I fluv you :grin:


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I’d love it if someone would look up commodity prices from the rulebooks, and convert gp/sp/cp to USD at precious metal prices, and figure out how much these dishes would cost to make in-game versus IRL at grocery store prices.

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Welll… you’d have to determine what edition/realm/era/standard to draw from for starters.
An an example, 5th edition, Forgotten Realms, Post 1489 DR, has a standard of 1 gold piece weighing at 9.1 grams (0.292572 troy ounces), and as of this posting gold is running ~$56 USD for 1 gram, so you’d be looking at ~$509.60 USD for one GP.
Sources used: Currency | Forgotten Realms Wiki | Fandom
and a price tracker for gold: Gold Price per Ounce

You are welcome!

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There is a note on the forgotten realms wiki regarding the weight vs size of a gold coin, due to the density of gold; In the real world, 1 gram of gold is available on the open market as a small stamp in a package about the size of a standard business card, and ~3/16" thick. Said packages are ~$80USD plus shipping.

Yes, I’ve similarly tried to price out 1GP (not recently, actually not since 3.5e). I was thinking in terms of combining that with the (nonsensical, inconsistent, and way higher than in the modern world) prices of trade goods. Apparently a gallon of milk costs 5x more than a pound of cheese (despite it taking about a gallon of milk IRL to make a pound of cheese)? Also, butter is 10x pricier than cheese, beans cost the same as mutton, and eggs are 1/3 the price of potatoes by weight?

If I go with your GP value, a pound of butter costs ~$255, and a teaspoon of mustard is about $15.

And how much does a 1 oz jar of cloves cost?

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