A new, free edition Sarah Jeong's "The Internet of Garbage"

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In the meantime, I am putting out The Internet of Garbage 1.5

And I’m helping…



Times doesn’t deserve her.

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Nice essay.


She should apologize for what she did to Naomi Wu, and make it right. She has a lot of power and was not responsible with it. It’s dangerous to promote her.


I agree, after reading the Medium article by Naomi Wu. Wu quotes her own pre-interview correspondence with Vice about the vulnerability of her position in China, which Vice agreed to respect; only to have Jeong respond that there was no agreement, only “an ask.” This seems to me, at best, sophistry; at worst, brutal dismissal of a source’s safety & well-being.

ETA to quote Cory’s original post:

prompting garbage people to dig through her twitter for old posts that could be made to seem offensive out of context in the hopes of getting her fired.

@Cory, did you mean to include Naomi Wu as one of the “garbage people” bringing up Sarah Jeong’s history as a journalist? It seems to me that Wu has a legitimate concern. Please clarify.


“Garbage People” - you mean, only when it’s white people doing it. When it’s Sarah Jeong, there are NO rules.

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