A new robotic arm design for future home robots that do our chores

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/04/19/a-new-robotic-arm-design-for-f.html


that one is way overpriced

But will it fap?

Since nobody employs domestic servants any more, I guess they’re not endangering any jobs. But what would Alice do when Marsha’s date mistakes Jan for Marsha? I don’t think I’d entrust that task to a bot.

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Does it give hugs? Asking for a friend.


Is it really a robot or just remote controlled arms as there was that guy in the background making the same movements as the arms.


From about the 1-minute mark, the person controlling the “robotic” arm is clearly visible.


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From the article that I link to:

“Blue’s kinematic design is anthropomorphic, meaning that its arms move in the same way that yours do. The idea is that it’ll be easy(ish) for people to teleoperate Blue to remotely perform household tasks, while your AI algorithm gradually figures out how to do similar tasks by itself.”

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So that is saying that the robot arm is guided by a real human now, as it learns how humans do things, so it can imitate them later?

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