A new, virulent ransomware epidemic is fuelled by yet another leaked NSA cyberweapon


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/10/26/nobus-meets-reality.html


Bad Rabbit




So, how do we bring a class action against the NSA for endangering the safety of the citizenry and inflicting untold millions of dollars in damage?



I keep imaging this bizarro alternative world where the NSA used this money to obtain the same tools, got them fixed by working with the companies involved and saved the taxpayers many millions of dollars as well of gaining much international goodwill, that being far better value for money…

Ah, one can but dream…


This is why we need a self driving internet.


BAD Rabbit!

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Historically, this kind of thing reminds me of the kind of piracy that inspired Scotland yard and the Venician navy. And when the NSA has credible civilian masters, it will of course go back to its stated goal of defending these hiways its now raiding.

All this financial and data misbehavior serves to keep the chaos in play for as long as it takes a credible “guardian” to arise and save us all. Until then it’s a feature, not a bug.


No - look - it’s Putin over there!


Good thing Vladimir Putin has his defenders around here. Where would the White House be without Boing Boing?



I thought he was in London, “Putin’ On The Ritz”.



Bad Rabbit.

There can only be one.


Wow. It’s almost like breaking the infrastructure we need for civilization to function in order to score petty political points in Cold War V2.0 was a bad thing.

Fancy that.



(Really? Nobody’s done Donnie Darko yet?)


Just think of it as single-player mutually-assured destruction.


Once again, the NSA chooses to leave everyone vulnerable in order to attack its enemies. This is the moral equivalent of dropping biological viruses into your own civilian population in the hopes of infecting criminals.