A page of architectural screw-ups


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I’m sure I’ve seen a number of these on You Had One Job!


Wanted to see them until I saw it was a Pinterest page…


Amen. Pinterest is evil and must die.


A page of architectural screw-ups

Maybe these are something different?


Subnormality is the best!


Decorative balconies seem to be a thing. I assume a few are 'shopped, but many are inexplicable.


That’s a lot of unhappy workers, there. The craftsmanship that goes into making something that will never work, but still requires hours of install is some sort of bizarre beauty.


Well, that’s what happens when you hire Ivanka Trump.


Many of these are utterly gobsmacking.

I dig this emergency stop button.



A lot of them look like efforts to sort of comply with building codes or other legal requirements.



I was living it this week. Found that that cast iron steam radiator in a kitchen had it’s feet tiled to the floor. Hampered the changing of the valve a bit, involved a lot of broken tile. I should have expected it since the toilet in the same apartment had been tiled in, forcing me to shatter it to remove it. I wish I believed in karma…


in the uk we might be asking how many piers there are to the latest jaunt (in parliament) for the english channel crossing weather a second tunnel for the army/secret services or one of those new swish bridge designs…
so seeing a pier interrupting a track lay out might be a hick up


Nah. Looks like the work of Markoff Chaney to me!


I’m an architect. These are clearly contractor mistakes. Why does everybody blame the architect?!?


I would argue that architectural is a more general term than architect.


Yes, please Boing Boing don’t start to link pinterest pages. It’s a terrible platform.


Yes, the contractors often can’t read drawings. I had a stair being put in and the contractor (not the stairmaker) neglected to bevel back the header on the upper floor (where you would hit your head) because he went by the stairmaker’s drawing not the architect’s. The floor opening wasn’t in the stairmaker’s scope. It took a 10 minute shouting match to get him to admit his error, which of course would have made the stairs out of code.

This was after a shouting match with the stair installer, whose 6 step straight segment came assembled from their mill shop out of square 1/2" over the 3’ width. Imagine if I wasn’t a craftsman myself to catch these mistakes??? I could go on and on about sloppy contractors.