A perfect storm of broken business and busted FLOSS backdoors everything, so who needs the NSA?

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If by “we” and “everybody” you mean “the press.” Not all of us lose sleep over terrorism.

Also, please immediately quash the jargon word “vuln.” It is one of the ugliest neologisms I have ever seen.


From OP: “It’s a reminder of how helpless we are as a society at addressing crises that have no intentional actors behind them (and how hard we’ll work to prevent relatively minor problems that are deliberately invoked).”

The conflict between internet security and corporate self-dealing also evokes the contradictory impotence of wrongly rebranding social problems as “challenges” for “smart, disruptive innovators” instead of working to democratically value trust and shared community interests.



It’s pretty well established in the security industry. People who have to say it 30 times a day cant be arsed with a 6 syllable word. “Proactive”, “synergy”, and other useless business jargon can go die in a fire though.

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I think it’s really fetch. Totes adorbs.


So is all sorts of other nonsense but that doesn’t make it excusable

Fair enough. I was just referring to the tendency to shorten words. Specifically how people in a given community do so with ones that are long, and get used a lot.

Don’t be mean.

Wait, what?

Cory’s building an Internet of Things?

I’m building an Internet of Things?

They should call them “nerbs.”



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Should that be internet of Things, or ioT, now that we don’t capitalize internet?


This. This is what I tell every conspiracy therorist that is convinced the NSA or some other intelligence agency of some government absolutely must be behind the latest SNAFU.

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”

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