A place to memorialize the domain names you let lapse

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Better not let the Unionists in Northern Ireland get the domain though…

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I still have parisbusinessreview.com

Hate to mention the ones I let go… :frowning:

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I had ardboe.com

I work in the SEO business and my advice is to never let go of a domain which hosted any significant content. It will be turned into a zombie site and be used to mislead people by spamming backlinks.


Someone should buy neverie.com and turn it into an Internet Explorer hate site. Never IE!


That takes money. Not all of us exactly have a lot of money. Keeping on top of the URLs I am using us daunting enough, so projects fall by the waysite with disuse.

But real soon now I’ll be doing something real with

Any day now.

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Is there a post? I’m thinking: “O’Reilly Boycott Biggest Boycott Evar!”



So, in a year, will this website disappear too?

Between scavengers and registrars who hang on to lapsed domains, few make it back into the wild.

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Nah. I traded a bit of cash and two of those for the one that’s actually my last name. Before that I had kinda squatted one, Drehbuch.de. I once had plans to make that a meeting place for amateur scriptwriters, but used it for mail, because it’s an easy to remember and write word for fellow Germans. Once I had shifted everything, I sold it for 5k.

People should let all of the domain names lapse, and switch to numerical IP addresses. is already taken :frowning:


I know you’re trolling, but there aren’t even close to enough numerical IPv4-addresses for all of us to have a few. IPv6-adresses, no problem, we’ll never run out of those, but they are even longer and harder to remember.

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Anybody want to buy hempmadmen.com?

Neverie.com never had anything, but I let my briefly-operated photoblog domain lapse and what you describe immediately happened to it. For years the new owner maintained my old content, but with nasty links sprinkled throughout. An early lesson in web unpleasantness for me.


I am quite eager to own a memorable IP address, but it seems very hard to buy and keep such a thing.



Nice! I somehow missed that one :joy:

I looked into this a while ago I think in my calculations the amount of possible IPv6 addresses outnumbered the atoms in the observable universe, so if I did my math right that xkcd is not very plausible!