Reflections on keeping a personal home page for 20 years


So, you think this internet thing will catch on?

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No, not really.

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So that is what happened to the other Macaulay Culkin brother?
Actually, I don’t know if you have noticed but since then there are a lot less funny random pages. More commercial pages, more hits on Google for to paid ads. Less obscure wibsites. All the blogs really just re-blog other blogs posts’ There only like about 10-15 sites I ever visit anymore. Everything else is just some schmo trying to still make a buck online.


My site is only eighteen years old but I refuse to update it. Enjoy, but make sure you’re using Netscape 2.0 or better.

Not long ago I was walking down memory lane and recalled the first web site I built for money in 1995. Guy wanted to sell crystals online. I went and looked and the site is still there unchanged for the last 14 some years. Strange to see long forgotten online artifacts.

Back in the day you didn’t need something slick or fancy, just some lousy color scheme and idiotic concept. But with the explosion of content all these random sites just got lost in the noise, for good or bad. Like roadside attractions after the interstate system. (I’m going to pitch a move to Pixar called “Bytes” where some slick HuffPo page gets accidentally copied into a GeoCities backup server and has to learn to slow down and appreciate the wisdom of the locals all while a hillbilly talking tow truck acts like an ass)

I’m closing in on 17 years of un-updated randomness. I haven’t even touched the copyright date in 4 years:

There’s also a secret link page where I used to keep a list of some of those random pages out there, but sadly they have one-by-one disappeared. If I get around to it I’ll update it with spudnyc’s page above, if.

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