A playlist of 100 beats-per-minute music to perform CPR by


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Yup, they’ve been teaching that one in first-aid classes for a while.


Mandatory The Office:


As seen in a UK public information film British Heart Foundation ad:


My favorite is still “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen.


It’s what we all learnt CPR to! Probably need to change the tune for the youngs though so a playlist doesn’t hurt.


Oh I think it’s great. I love Bee Gees’ Staying Alive, but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Having a variety of choice is key, because you want something you’ll remember when the time arrives; at least I know I’m not going to have the composure to fiddle with my phone.

I suppose one could have a CPR playlist ready to roll, and actually that would pretty ballin’ (as the kids say).


In my case it was Nellie the Elephant.

Am I now officially old?


That’s cold, man, lol. But kinda accurate; while resuscitation rate on TV and in movies is near 100%, in real life it’s only around 45%.

Still, a lot better survival rate with CPR than without, though.



Public access defibrillators is where it’s at apparently.

By the way, I love the fact that the wikipedia page has a whole section about liability if someone is injured due to one being used on them and that it’s all about the US…

Oops, no - there’s one sentence about Canada.


Definitely prefer Stayin’ Alive over Another One Bites the Dust because the human subconscious and unconscious are just so utterly twitchy and fraught about meanings subtle and otherwise. The Alive part sticks in the memory…

Went to the Dripping Springs[, Texas] farmers market yesterday. The Johnson’s Backyard organic vegetables booth had ACDC on their playlist and I just couldn’t resist, so while I was paying the nice lady for lovely local veg I asked if would be ok to play this on their wee sound system:

… big love to Johnson’s Backyard staffers. We had a nice moment there, putting out some jams for their shoppers and the kombucha booth nextdoor. (Disclaimer: I don’t work for the farmers market, or for Johnson’s, I don’t have any friends who work for them, I get no financial benefit from writing all this.)

And uh previously on bOING:

Oh boy! Maybe something for next time at the market.


When I used to cycle, I’d use Camper Van Beethoven’s Take the Skinheads Bowling to maintain that rythm.


Oh maaaaaaan I love that song! Is it really 100 BPM? Hang on…

Hmmm, just played this:

It’s a bit faster than 100 BPM but hey I still think it may be a fine standby to have playing in one’s head while carefully doing those chest compressions.


It seems a bit fast.


Gets them up and about quicker, with none of this soft southern lying about.


It’s the perfect tempo and one helluva lot better to have stuck in my mind than some disco crap. Call it inspiration to do a good job.


If I was ever revived by someone to the tunes of Beiber I’d probably just opt to continue with the dying.

Maybe we could have medical alert bracelets that inform potential life savers of our top three resuscitation choices. Or even just simple instructions: “NO COUNTRY”


I always remember this one. Just remember it’s not cool to sing it out loud while performing it! (Except maybe in a classroom setting.)


Coincidentally, 100 steps per minute is recommended as the pace required when walking for weight loss.


We all are: if stayin alive (the New York Times can make a man!) is in your cultural references you are old!