The Bee Gees' 'Stayin' Alive' but on a church pipe organ

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Not bad, but this is still the best cover of the song!


And here I thought nothing could outdo ALF’s “Barely Alive”. I stand corrected, and appalled that this vinyl may outlast the pyramids.


the dogs in my neighborhood all started barking when I played that


Nothing by the Bee Gees sounds good to me… even when played on my second favorite instrument, the pipe organ.

I’ll stick with Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. There are a few YT vids of it played on the pipe organ, but I think this is the best by far, played by blind organist Bert van den Brink.

It takes skill to intentionally hit the wrong notes every single time.

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Jo Stafford was indeed a very talented signer, though she evidently denied claims that she had perfect pitch.

I’ve always liked Stayin’ Alive, and so once bought a BeeGees CD… only to discover that was their only song that I liked.

I liked 60s era Bee Gees’ but Disco era Bee Gees’ did nothing for me. When I listened to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack I’d usually skip the Bee Gee’s tracks. I’d have to leave the church if an organist started playing Stayin’ Alive even if it was the oldest organ in the world.

If only we had video of Tex and Edna Boil performing it. I would die happy.

That echoing space just made it a really muddy experience. Not that the instrument isn’t fun but the decay killed the joy in that rapid pace.

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This sounds like rock and or roll.


An organist I spoke to said that ballroom dancing shoes are the best alternative.

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