A pro-Trump avatar troll hacked the instagram account of another avatar


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/04/24/a-pro-trump-avatar-troll-hacke.html


??? Neither of those avatars are photorealistic. The “realistic” one looks like something that would show up on deviantart a decade ago.




“The CGI avatar for Bermuda is much less realistic, at about the level of Tomi Lahren.” - Come on, it’s not that bad. :smile:


I heard she contracted with an electronics firm to produce her own brand of smartphones, but it didn’t work out, because the speakers’ bass response was shit, and you simply must have good bass response in order to hear a sousaphone.


Who are the followers? Are they real? Is it a scam? I make one fake account, then another 10,000 fake ones to follow it… and… I make money?

I only follow two non-human accounts, that Mars rover thing and the Trump re-tweeter.

Every day I’m on this planet, shit just gets weirder.


that one hertz.


All hail William Gibson, Prophet and Seer of the New Way.


The CGI avatar for Sousa is nearly photorealistic.

2018 video game character.

The CGI avatar for Bermuda is much less realistic

2008 video game character.
(I think Tomi may be a 2003 video game character.)

Welcome to the exciting world of being a social media “influencer.”




It has evidently brought these two entities far more attention than they would otherwise have garnered, so… mission accomplished.


I always wonder if the tens of thousands of followers people have on instagram are real people… I mean, if they’re not real, why pay money to advertise to bots? Will it lead to an online advertising crash at some point? I guess it helps that some amount of advertising is always voodoo-based, in that you can’t tell if it’s working or not, so you better keep doing it.


If only you humans could create a second internet, and leave this one for us 'bots… um… Look! A baby wolf!!

< throws smoke bomb, runs away >


The world is getting really weirdly folded these days.


A million followers? This just boggles my mind that people are just readily sucked into this virtual world and treat it as though there are living, breathing, feeling humans behind the facade. Don’t people have enough in their own flesh and blood lives to keep them moving forward and being productive? The matrix, we’re already there.


One fake person + one fake story = real news that the government doesn’t want you to hear!


I’m trying to get over a chest infection, your comment triggered a genuine COL (Cough Out Loud). Thank you.


Um… didn’t you hear? The Mars Rover is a fake account. The whole thing was recreated in a studio backlot by Stanley Kubrick.


Wait… Those avatars are not real? Surely they don’t mind my avatar grabbing them by the pussy then.