A proposal for a new mandatory shopping label

Similar fate for the “Master” half of “Master Blaster” once Auntie Entity did away with his muscle.


Still beats dying in a gutter. Even if not by that much. :stuck_out_tongue:

What about EPFCG? All the reading I’ve done on it says these types of devices can outstrip nuclear devices when it comes to EMP, are very simple to build in comparison to a nuclear device, and are pratically undetectable because they’re powered by conventional explosives. There’s even freely available research papers floating around the web that have some detailed information on their design and construction.

What’s very odd is that there appears to not be much research done on them since the 1960s. I’d expect that a machine that fits inside a pickup truck bed and can generate an order of magnitude of pulsed power than a large lighning strike would be considered useful for military applications. Drop one into the target zone before deploying into the area. There was a small amount of research into EPFCG warheads for use as tank-busters, where a big microwave generator is hooked up as the load, and cooks the tank until either the occupants die, or more likely, the magazine catches fire.

An EPFCG is limited to the power of the chemical battery or other energizing power source and the energy stored as a magnetic field in the coil which then quick dumped by an explosive switch which shorts the coil, pretty much an explosive version of the high voltage power supply in a camera flash. You are also limited to the directional nature of the antenna you are using, to get the best effect a yaggi or dish with huge feedlines to make the most of a limited(for damaging use) radio signal. I am not sure any notion has actually deployed a EPFCG due to its limited potential and short range, what was thought to be an EMP in Gulf War 1 turned out to be dropping graphite fibers onto electrical substations to short them out. Seems like a better candidate for a casino heist.
A megaton range nuclear EMP is literally a very efficient nuclear powered charged particle flinger using the ionosphere as a transmitting antenna, some of the energy NOT used for mushroom cloud and shockwave (we are in space) is available to excite the upper atmosphere and cause it to pass a wave of electricity which can induce currents on conductors of the right length and orientation the ground.

You have my sympathies.

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It’s not that bad, at least you get somebody willing to talk with you.

The problem is, if you don’t tell them what they want to hear, they will go away…
…and then it is just you and the books again…

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