Bug-out cabinet, large


Wow, a lot of unnecessary items here…

Seriously? My back-of-the-napkin calculations put the full retail value of the contents of this thing at maybe 5 grand, tops. That must be a hell of a cabinet to be worth the $9000 difference.

Not sure who their target demographic is, but I’m guessing that the target demo could pay for this with all of the overpriced gold coins that they have been hoarding while hiding from “the chemtrails” in their foil-lined root cellars…

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no miniature combination Russkie phrase book and Bible?


Hell, a guy could have a pretty good MONTH in Vegas with all that. . . .

Not to mention, a bug-out CABINET ?? The idea of a bug-out bag is grab and go in case of emergency, not saunter to the garage (or the Bunker. . .), unlock, unload, start packing, and about that time in the process, the zombies attack and it’s all over. . .

And hideously over-priced to boot. Perfect for the Yuppie Prepper. . . .

Metacomment: The point of ANY tool set, for whatever end, is that you build it and evolve it over time. Relying on someone ELSE’S idea of a toolset, will inevitably prove you have stuff you don’t need or can’t use, and are missing something you need. . .

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it comes bundled with a sixty-year Mathematica license.


170 items critical to human survival

Like an extension cord and blaze orange work gloves.

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You can tell how totes serious it is by the inclusion of Starbucks coffee.


…Or a ten nine year pro license.

Jeez. Clam down.

Yeah, I’m confused how it can be a bug out cabinet when it doesn’t even have wheels.

Sorry, can’t handle clams, they give me gas :wink:

It’s just this. . .item is dead in the middle of the intersection of “stupid” and “survivalism”. .

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Looks like an excellent way to separate fools and money.

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Humans survived tens of thousands of years with zero of the enclosed items. I wonder how they did that?

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I am in your panic room stealin yer road flares & iodine tablets.

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It includes a 6-outlet power strip and a 12-foot, 20-amp extension cord (and no significant electricity-generation equipment, just a solar charger and a hand-cranked radio). I’m pretty sure that if either the power strip or the extension cord is useful to you, the apocalypse has been cancelled and you don’t need the rest of the cabinet’s contents all that badly.

Also in the vital survival equipment: a “Wolfram Decal for Doors”. And a 100 foot bundle of 3/8" Roap,

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Kitchen Towells, Paper Towells, Vice Grip, bundle of 3/8 roap, Collapsable…bucket, XRP sawsall – apparently when the end times come there will be no dictionaries.


Yeah, and where are they all now? Dead. What a surprise!


I guess they were also planning to sell generators, but ran into problems.

And 750$ for a brief case that contains emergency planning papers for 5 people? Shoot, if it’s that important, you might as well make those 5 people to remember the information instead of depending on a briefcase where you may not be able to retrieve in time. Time is not wasted finding/reading those documents.

A “bug out” cabinet that is too large to take with you when you bug out…

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