A proposed Australian leaker law will put journalists and whistleblowers in jail for 20 years


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Edward Snowden. Really. They’re afraid he’s going to… What? Fly to Australia, sneak across the border in a fake mustache, and blow some Australian whistles?


Stop being evil…

You can’t leak information on governmental wrongdoing unless the government is doing wrong.


Leaking information is serious, more serious than murder. At least that’s what the governments of the world tell us through how they pursue and punish these crimes.


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


On the plus side, it looks like the proposed s 82.7 will criminalise any company that puts in a crypto backdoor. I wonder if they’ll notice before this gets passed.


Only on government software. Everyone else can still be hacked… especially by the government.


Unsurprising. This is the same government that threatened doctors and detention centre workers with jail for reporting on human rights abuses happening to refugees. Here’s hoping they lose their majority in a by-election this weekend.


That’s my electorate, BTW.

Candidate list for the benefit of curious furriners:

The electorate is named after this dude:


The toxic dogwhistles from some of those party names… Maybe I am reading them from too NA a slant but “Non-custodial Parents Party”? shudders My MRA alarms went off like crazy.


A lot of the hyper-focused micro parties are actually feeder organisations for the bigger far right parties. Not just for people and money, but for preference votes.

This is a lower house election; the real swarms of microparties show up in the upper house ballots.

Thanks to the way that preferential proportional voting works, it’s possible for a party to elect a Senator with a miniscule primary vote if they manage to arrange preference flows from a large number of other parties. Obscure single issue parties tend to draw a fair number of early preferences from cranky low-info protest voters, and they make a substantial total when combined.

As a result

The Outdoor Recreation Party (ORP) are actually far-right crooks with a focus on gun deregulation and opposition to environmental concerns.











Realistically, it’s a two horse race between the Liberals and the ALP.


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