Australian bill will put journos in prison for 10 years for reporting leaks


“He argued Brandis wanted powers not available to governments in the UK and the US”

I’m sure many people in the governments in the UK and US would leap at the opportunity to change that situation.

It also substantially increases the powers granted to ASIO when they choose to get to know you. From the article:

The bill modernises the way ASIO accesses computers — allowing one
warrant for a computer to extend to all computers at a location and
associated to the relevant person. The act will be amended such that the
definition of “computer” in the Act includes all computers operating in
a network…It also proposes that only one warrant be required for a
series of surveillance techniques conducted as part of an investigation —
removing the need for a warrant for each individual surveillance

The proposed legislation would also allow Australia’s
foreign intelligence agency ASIS to collect information on Australians
located outside the country and share it with ASIO — which the agency is
currently required to seek ministerial approval to do.

Oh great.

Categorically, incontrovertibly, by fucking definition, our worst government yet, already.

So much hate for these utter, fucking pricks.

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