A psychotic person shows how to make a Christmas sweater out of tissue paper


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It’s like watching an adorable Norman Bates.

Also: at least as creepy!


Oddly I find myself aroused?


Are you asking us if it is odd, or if you are aroused?


Both, it’s Christmas time after all.

  1. Not realy.

  2. Not sure. Post pics of your pants.


What if @Papasan’s arousal is what’s odd? Like an erect spleen or a pinky that won’t settle down?


Yeah, what if?



You don’t appear aroused.

But now I am. God damn it.

It’s arousals all the way down.



Well I love her.


I wanted to talk about holiday sweaters, but maybe now’s not the thread.


I for one welcome our new crafting overlords


Is that “Overly Attached Girlfriend”?

This would be funnier if she was actually crazy, instead of pretending to be crazy, or if it was actually funny.



I find myself oddly aroused!


Only The Watcher knows!


I hesitate to watch this, as I am already losing much of my day trying to brush my teeth with tissue paper.

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