These ugly Christmas sweaters have special booze-bottle-holding pockets


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Why carry the bottle itself? Use one of these…


These will certainly boost the rowdiness of SantaCon. I am not looking forward to that.


It’s been weird to watch this particular trend grow and explode.

Only a few years ago, it was still a small goofy thing, with racks of cheap “ugly sweaters” in Goodwill stores to wear to holiday parties. Then we started seeing uglier and uglier Christmas sweaters appearing, with reindeer humping and Santa’s butt and “jingle balls” sort of things stitched onto them.

Now “ugly sweaters” have seemingly become a meme unto themselves, with companies selling themed wacky sweaters for all-winter wear and 80s “cosby sweaters” going for top dollar on eBay.


Can’t do sweaters - I overheat too easily. So last year one of these was just the ticket:

Stylish! Understated! Other words! :grin:


I almost had a seizure trying to parse out whatever the hell i’m looking at :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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