Now there are ugly Christmas sweater **sneakers**


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I don’t get ugly sweaters. Like, if I had a sweater that my aunt knitted for me, and it was made with love but objectively terrible, that makes sense to me. But going to Target and spending $30 on a mass-produced ugly sweater - where’s the humor in that? Where’s the irony? You just bought something - big whoop.


Let’s not forget the ugly sweater sweatshirts (for the extra lazy effort), the ugly sweater yoga pants, the ugly sweater rompers, or the ugly sweater suit sets. These might pair nicely with the suits.

Have we totally sexualized the ugly sweater yet?! I feel like there’s still some opportunity there…


I know as far as sins go in the world it’s a small one, but having slave labor make something for a not funny joke (omg! That’s HYSTERICAL!!) that will be worn once seems pretty awful.

But I did buy and then return a LT Dangle costume this year so I guess I’m the asshole.


They’re not any uglier than most fancy sneakers, honestly. Every time I need a new pair there’s a ton of stuff like the one on the right:


Exactly. When you consider how many other limited-edition/whatever for running shoes there are (especially for running shoes, which if they are used as intended are basically disposed of in < 1 year) it’s not worse than anything else; basically it’s like getting an ugly-sweater-themed toothbrush.


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