If you're going to buy a Mighty Boosh-themed ugly Christmas sweater this year, this is the one


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I’ve never understood the kitsch consumerist following that ugly Xmas sweaters have developed.

You’re not supposed to buy them; some well-intentioned old lady with terrible fashion sense is supposed to knit them for you as presents.


This was the first episode of The Mighty Boosh I ever saw, so you can imagine the effect it had on my brain.

The menacing cockney guy was on at least one other episode, propelling himself with a powerful urine stream. Or maybe I just imagined that.


We don’t all have a grammy that will do that for us. :frowning:


Neither do I; mine passed when I was 19, and thanks for the reminder.


Glorious but I think that’s a sweatshirt rather than a sweater


It’s a jumper, mate.


He came up a few times, actually; easily one of the best characters.


It’s all by-the-by… I’ve got my jumper now…


Mine passed knitting me a shitty sweater. :cry:


No, you definitely did not imagine that.


Next you’ll tell me I didn’t imagine Crack Fox.


Ooh, and it’s a “Limited Edition”…

(…limited to as many as they can sell, I’m thinking.)



I’m not sure if it’s still on the iOS app store, but The Mighty Boosh app is pretty funny


This looks like a SWEATSHIRT with a silkscreening. Maybe I’m wrong, but it sure looks that way. NOT AT ALL in the same category as legitimate snarky ugly Christmas sweaters, which are, you know, knit. sigh


U.K.? Don’t you folk consider any garment without buttons that you pulled over your head a jumper? By that logic, all sweaters and all sweatshirts are jumpers.
That’s like me saying ‘wellingtons’ and you replying “It’s a boot, mate.” Well of course it is a boot but more specifically it’s wellingtons.


What, not Old Gregg??


They have some Old Gregg stuff, too. Pretty un-inspiring, saying “I’m Old Gregg”. Nothing about having a blindingly bright mangina. (It really is a weird show…)

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