A quarter-century on, WHO drops claim that coffee is a carcinogen


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Hot water causes cancer?:


This is a step in the right direction, but when is WHO going to classify coffee as “Fucking Awesome”?



“very hot drinks” can cause cancer? Like, how hot are we talking?
Inquiring minds want to know.



I know, does this mean iced coffee is fine?


I’ve had 2 pots already today, I feel like a million bucks!


They had to drop the claim - they were proposing banning coffee one morning, and a billion people called them up and said “I’ll stab you if you take away my coffee.”



No, seriously. It better be.


That’s just the cancer talking…



This is me on coffee, this is me enjoying my coffee, this is me after too much coffee. etc…



And that’s why I drink my espresso cold, with milk. :wink:


Nuff said:


What about Mt Dew?




The report says over 65C (~150F). Hot coffee and tea are generally served around 80C (~175F). Mind you, the report is summarizing over a number of positive and negative reports, but it does look like there is a significant correlation with cancer, although not a large one.


Which is why I add milk, and wait for it to be a temperature I can tolerate. I have a lengua de gato, (tongue of a cat) my family says.