California coffee cups to get cancer warning


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California is the annoying car alarm of health warnings.


Prop 65 is one of those things that sounded good in theory, but turns out to be really stupid in practice.


Right? They don’t even have to stop using or doing the thing that might cause cancer, just tell you its a possibility.


Acrylamide has definitely been seen as a possible carcinogen. But the stuff is produced in the Maillard reactions that give just about every heat-browned food from toast to roast it’s characteristic flavor.
So I’m a little surprised that coffee has been singled out in particular for this when so many other foods have the same thing going on. Wonder if coffee has a higher concentration than other foods.


They ought to put a warning on life. It’s got a 100% fatality rate.


I’ve seen Prop 65 warnings on baked goods.


I’m drinking coffee right now.


It does, but it’s only #9 on this list:

And it’s not that high on other food lists, compared to many other foods.

Here is the FDA’s go-to site on acrylamide.


Yet the Coffee sellers couldn’t pose a strong enough argument to get the court off their back?





That’s my middle name.


Yeah, but I drink 9 cups of coffee a day, so it vaults to the pole position.




My god, the tyranny!

How dare the state require profit centers to inform consumers of possible health risks!

Obviously they should just interfere directly with trade immediately and shut down those filthy addictive carcinogenic drug peddlers. That always works.


While I don’t disagree, when the state’s policy results in what amount to The Boy Who Cried Wolf levels of warning… well the policy might have lost its effectiveness.


Right now, every morning, I drink two 8 ounce mugs that hold 6 shots of espresso. So, is my count 2 or 12? I call it two cups of coffee. Yeah, it’s only 2. twitch twitch WHY IS EVERYONE AN ASSHOLE BUT NOT ME? WHY?


The summary I read said one of the points made by the judge in the decision was that the defendants had not proven it did not cause cancer. Now that could apply to just about anything ingested.

It may exist but I have not seen it referenced - there does need to be a threshold of some sort. If not then in a few years everything in California will be labeled and all the labels will be ignored.


Death never tasted soooo mmm mmm good.


Get a bigger insulated mug. Then, it’ll just be 1 cup. :thinking:

I start every day with just 1 cup of coffee. It’s a 20oz travel mug, but just 1 cup.

More fun after a refill, still calling that just 2 cups.