New study discovers why coffee can protect the brain, and it has to do with the kind of roast you drink


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Please be dark. Please be dark…Yes!


Coffee is Brain Gravy? I knew it!


Well, if it’s Starbucks Breakfast Blend we’re screwed.


Phew, now it’s dietary advice we can choose to believe!

Sadly I’ve had to give up coffee. Didn’t drink all that much, but started feeling nauseous every afternoon, and worse if I had a second cup. Switching to only tea has, alas, seemed to make the issue go away


if this is true, there should be a MASSIVE correlation with starbuck’s drinkers. Is that data available?

(n case you don’t know, starbucks roasts their coffee so dark, it’s nearly burned. Partly because nearly-burned beans are easier to make consistently at scale.)


I’ll still stick with my breakfast blend - or WAWA regular.


Great news! Going to grab a cup of Italian Roast right now…


ha. i like it dark roasted. and I drink three cups a day for the last 15 years. at least.


I don’t drink coffee in the morning to protect my brain. I drink coffee in the morning to protect my family from the kind of person I become if I don’t get my coffee.


And that explains my long standing brilliance! Dark roast coffee, black, by the pot. Gotta love It when science and addiction agree.


Take that third wave!


Well isn’t sleep what clears out the waste proteins that become tangles? So if it’s caffeinated dark roast, which process dominates?


Is there enough phenylindanes that outweighs the amount of acrylamide in coffee?

Disclosure: I drink coffee everyday.


Came here to ask that. It’s why I switched to a (relatively) lighter roast, as opposed to completely giving up coffee.


Just great. I switch to a bean that takes a lighter roast and then you tell me this.



This is why it would be good to ask scientists when drafting legislation regarding scientific issues. The California law is well intended, but the effect is to require warnings for any quantity of any substance known or suspected of causing cancer. The result is warning labels on everything, which of course, .leads to said labels being either overinterpreted (I can’t eat anything!) or completely ignored. Fact is, coffee has been researched exhaustively, most probably due to the researchers drinking heroic quantities themselves, and cancer is not really a worry. Haven’t actually proven by benefits either, but my coworkers don’t seem bothered by that at all.

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If I’ve read correctly, the lighter the roast, the more the caffeine. Which seems backwards, but apparently the longer roast actually reduces the caffeine content.


But we need to know if you are drinking it right now?