A ray of hope for the nearly extinct California condor



I saw one of these eating garbage by the side of the road recently. My first thought as I came around the curve and spotted it: ‘Whoah, that turkey is in bad shape!’

Well that’s better than confusing them for “damn yellow buzzards” as Johnny Cash did.

You may have seen a Turkey Vulture. Common in California.


Au contraire, friend. I know it’s tempting to tell other people what they may have seen, but I know a turkey vulture, and I know when something is three time the size of a turkey vulture when I’m standing 50 feet away.

I loved seeing condors when I was in Peru.

Going to be heading down Big Sur way on vacation in a couple of months, should go looking :slight_smile:

Wow. Just wow on you and the way you dealt with that. I believe you owe me an apology.

I’m sorry. I mistook your post for sarcasm. You clarified it and I deleted the old one.

Sarcasm is possible, but your apology is much appreciated. Thank you and delete these last couple if you want.

Sometimes a lot gets lost in a forum post and we don’t realize its all in good cheer. Again, I’m sorry.

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